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The passion for music

The Zauberklang music school was founded in March 2009 in the Müggelheim district of Köpenick by Lars Christian Druzba at Müggellandstr. 16 founded. One of the foundations for group lessons was African drumming, which is why the logo has shown a drummer ever since. 

Since the beginning of the lessons, there has been a strong demand and drumming workshops and drumming courses have taken place regularly, sometimes in cooperation with African drumming coaches.

Guitar lessons also developed well, and a band room for children's and youth bands was soon set up in the basement, where lessons for drums, electric guitar and electric bass could be offered. Another mainstay was piano lessons, for which other teachers were employed right from the start. The company grew steadily and employed between 6 and 10 people  honorary staff.

Due to my music therapy career and multi-instrument orientation, I also use didgeridoos, singing bowls, flutes and other instruments in my musical work. In addition to teaching, there were various flamenco, didgeridoo and drum shows as well as deep relaxation sound journeys in cooperation with the Müggelheim yoga studio "Shankari Yoga".

In 2013, the Zauberklang music school moved within Müggelheim and has been in the village green (Alt-Müggelheim 13) ever since.

The knowledge of the effect of colors and their connection with music and tones (see Hans Cousto-Cosmic Octave) played an important role from the beginning and so, for example, the walls of the classrooms have always been painted in special colors or wiped and patterned. 

We have also always used the color system for our younger students and paint the notes together in class according to their physically assigned colour.

Ultimately, the color spectrum of the rainbow contains all assigned color tones, which is why it also appears as a symbol in the logo. 

The district of Friedrichshagen has also played a role since 2012, because this is where I already offered drum lessons and held workshops and courses. The "Movement Art" sports studio provided us with rooms in which we could also offer guitar and keyboard lessons.

Later, the Zwergenland daycare center was to serve as a classroom and finally a second permanent teaching location was created at Müggelseedamm 219 for lessons in: piano, guitar, didgeridoo, drums, e-drums, e-guitar, e-bass, singing and band.

In 2014 and 2015, the Zauberklang music school held a summer festival in the Friedrichshagen open-air cinema. In addition, the music school had 10 teachers, drum courses, school bands, the Zauberklang Acoustic Band, guitar groups and much more.

But when my son Leo was born in the summer of 2015, life changed a lot and I had to slow down. The drum workshops, the bands and evening courses were supposed to take a back seat and have since been discontinued in some cases.

Since 2020, the music school has moved within Friedrichhagen and is located at Scharnweberstr. 65. Here is a beautiful studio with a light carpet, colorful walls and all kinds of musical instruments. Here we can invite young and old into the magical world of sounds and colors and at the same time produce music and videos.

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