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Warm welcome!


We welcome you to our world of sounds, colors, rhythms, harmonies and melodies.

At the Zauberklang music school we offer individual and group lessons for various musical instruments.

We always focus on the joy of making music and discovering music as a means of communication.

When making music together it is interpersonal communication, when making music alone it is the exchange between mental and emotional levels and when playing it is communication between player and listener.

In this awareness, music becomes a "magic sound"...

Music is life! Music connects!


Learn one or more musical instrument(s)

im Individual or group lessons


In small groups of 4 to 6 children, pre-school children (3-6 years) discover and experience the world of music. Musical instruments and those that produce sound effects may be tried out. We improvise, clap, rattle, drum, sing together and keep getting to know new fascination from the world of sound.


Discover the world of music and sounds.

Free improvisation, trying out and getting to know many instruments and building a basic understanding of making music together.

A) Elementary school students (7-12 years)

B) Teenagers (13-18 years)

C) Adults (18+ years)

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Relax down to the cellular level to sound applications of various therapeutic sound instruments:

a) Tibetan singing bowls

b) Didgeridoo

c) monochord

d) Shaman drum


1 to max. 4 people

60 mins or 90 mins

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Learn to relax really deeply  and fully charge yourself with fresh life energy.

Deep states of relaxation can be achieved with the help of autosuggestion, autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation. The thousand-year-old is considered the queen of all deep relaxation techniques

Technique YOGA NIDRA.

A 60-minute YOGA NIDRA unit can have a more relaxing effect than several hours of sleep.

Individually or max 4 people

60 minutes


A) Elementary school students (9-12 years)

B) Teenagers (13-18 years)

C) Adults (18+ years)


Pieces from classical, pop, film and computer music are practiced together. Everyone will find their right voice in the polyphonic guitar ensemble. 

Basic playing skills and knowledge of music are required.

A) Elementary school students (9-12 years)

B) Teenagers (13-18 years)

C) Adults (18+ years)


Drumming techniques open, slap, bass and tips (unaccented beats) are taught and then African drum grooves with several ensemble voices are practiced together. Body percussion, syllable language and rhythmic movements help to internalize timing,   sense of rhythm and the ability to use polyrhythms.

A) Elementary school students (9-12 years)

B) Teenagers (13-18 years)

C) Adults (18+ years)


45; 60; 90 minutes

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"Music therapy begins where words fail."

With sound and music, we have a large field at our disposal to free hidden emotions, dissolve old patterns and let blockages go.

Physical symptoms often have their origin on the mental level and can be recognized and resolved with the help of music.

The music therapy individual work is an ideal supplement to physical therapies or to classical psychotherapy. Passive applications (sound massage, sound meditation) as well as very versatile active techniques of music therapy are used. (Singing, toning, rhythmic movement and coordination, drumming, free improvisation on a variety of musical instruments)

Individually 60 minutes; 90 mins or 120 mins

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During a sound journey you lie on your back with other participants and relax. 7 different sound phases, which are based on the energy centers of the prana body, invite you to dream, travel and resonate. Deep relaxation, recovery and energizing for your entire system.



To be used:

Didgeridoo, ocean sounds, guitars, drums, monochord, flutes, singing bowls, energy chimes, Sanskrit singing and much more. 

A sound journey can be booked for celebrations, events or retreats.

60 minutes 

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Discover your talents and creative powers. Together with multi-instrumentalists and music therapists, we help you to tap your creative potential. 

Songwriting, improvisation, recording, expressing lyrics with music and much more...


60, 90 or 120 minutes

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