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NEW: FRANK JOHANNES (studied concert guitarist, musician and teacher for early education)

Frank can look back on more than 30 years of eventful musical life, studied concert guitar / solo guitar in Essen (Folkwang) and since then has given many concerts, lessons and conducted entire orchestras and guitar ensembles. He has also gained a lot of experience with small children and knows how to get them excited about music.

We are pleased that Frank will be teaching with us on two afternoons from now on. On Fridays you can get one-to-one lessons on stringed instruments (ukulele, guitar, electric guitar, electric bass) and piano, on Saturdays drums and drums if you are interested. 

 On Saturdays he will also lead various groups for guitar, band and early musical education.


"I am a guitarist with a university degree. During and after my studies, I always taught in addition to my musical work and my projects. It gives me pleasure to introduce other people, especially children, to music and playing the guitar and to promote them according to their talents Now I teach magic sound in the beautiful music school.

I have many years of experience teaching individual and group classes, chamber music, ensemble, rock band and orchestral work as well as teaching music theory.

I have also done theater arts projects funded by the state.

I particularly enjoyed working as a freelancer in early musical education for many years. Singing, speaking, clapping, running, moving - everything that children like to do - is used in elementary music education. The rhythmic feeling - an essential prerequisite for every instrumental game - is trained in a special way.

Making music yourself, finding yourself in it, conquering it promotes the musical, but also general development of people.

So that you can perhaps get an idea of my musical abilities, you will find a video on You Tube under my name as well as a Wikipedia entry of me on the Internet.

I myself raised 2 children (girls). You have a high school diploma and a university degree. Today they are grown up, have a family with children themselves and are "their wife" both privately and professionally. I find the Friedrichshagen district   beautiful and it enables me to pursue a hobby I love: I like to sail :)

Now I'm looking forward to new challenges and I'm excited to get to know you!"

MINIMUM AGE for private lessons: 5 years




Wikipedia   Frank Johannes Pokrzywniak - Wikipedia



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